Housing Academy Blog

New Partner - The Inspection Group

Jul 15, 2016

For the past three years, Housing Academy has been dedicated to bringing together expertise and innovation to create quality, accessible, and interactive training.

Our affordable housing compliance catalog has grown, as has our software training and Learning Management System. As these training options expanded, so too has our enthusiasm and commitment to developing more online course offerings and partnerships. We have received feedback from our clients and partners that while Housing Academy serves many of their current training needs, there was a large topic in affordable housing management that was missing from the course catalog: Maintenance and Inspections. As such, we are excited to announce our partnership with The Inspection Group!

Founded in 1998, the Inspection Group serves public housing agencies and the affordable housing industry by providing HQS and UPSC inspection services. With over 14,000 housing professionals trained and over 3,000,000 units inspected, The Inspection Group’s years of experience are unmatched. When combined with Housing Academy’s innovative training approach and Learning Management System, we look forward to a partnership that is sure to bring even more world class training to the real estate industry. This partnership will provide our clients with online, on-demand access to training for maintenance and inspections. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements about what we are developing together!