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Yardi® Affordable Ledgers - Quick Tips

Aug 03, 2016

Affordable ledgers can be troublesome to decipher. The rent and HAP charges alone create enough clutter before adjustments are thrown into the equation. Use these two basic tips for reading affordable ledgers in Yardi® to help you get started.

  1. Never click on the full ledger. Only review the non-hap (resident) or hap ledger depending on which balance, charge or receipt you are researching. By viewing only the resident or subsidy portion of the ledger, you’ve already eliminated half of the clutter. This will help you to quickly get to your answer, whether you are looking for the tenant owed balance, or the HAP amount due in a particular month.
  2. Take it one month at a time. Often times, the amount charged in a particular month can change after the fact. Which means we need to review multiple charges, reversals and adjustments to decipher what was actually billed for that month. Start by printing or screenshotting the ledger, then highlight just the charges, reversals and adjustments for one month at a time. Finally, compare the amount billed to the contract amount to determine if it was correct.

For more in depth information about reading and adjusting affordable ledgers, attend our webinar on August 9th. Topics that will be covered include: reading the HAP and resident ledgers, how to adjust and post lease charges for subsidy changes and the correct process for voucher reconciliation.

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