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Compliance Training:Other

Training Tools:Other

Housing Tax Credit Field Guide

Affordable Compliance:Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System

Comprehensive EIV for Non-Users
Comprehensive EIV for User
Deceased Tenant Report for Non-Users
Deceased Tenant Report for Users
Income Discrepancy Report for Users
Income Report for Non-Users
Income Report for Users
Multiple Subsidy Report for Users
New Hires Report for Non-Users
New Hires Report for Users
No Income Report for Non-Users
No Income Report for Users
Overview of EIV
Summary Report for Non-Users
Summary Report for Users

Affordable Compliance:HUD Occupancy for Leading Industry Credential

Conducting Annual Recertification
Gross Rent Change
Interim Recertification
Overlying Concepts
Rejecting an Applicant
Screening for Suitability
Security Deposits and Other Fees
Termination of Assistance
Termination of Tenancy
The Applicant Interview
The Lease
The Tenant Briefing
Unit Transfer
Waiting Lists

Affordable Compliance:Management and Occupancy Review (MOR)

Desk Review
MOR Preparation
MOR Preparation Checklist
On-Site Review
Summary Report

Affordable Compliance:RAD PBRA

Affordable Compliance:Section 8: Determining Income and Calculating Rent

Alimony and Child Support
Calculating Unemployment Benefits
Child Care Deduction
Deductions and Adjusted Income
Dependent Deduction
Direct Express Cards
Earned Income
Gross Annual Income
Life Insurance
Medical Expense Deduction
Mortgages and Deeds of Trust
Periodic and Lump Sum Payments
Real Estate
Rent Calculation
Retirement and Pension Accounts
Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts
Savings Bonds
Section 8 - Elderly Deduction
Stocks and Mutual Funds
Tenant Service Stipends
Unearned Income From Assets
Welfare Rent

Affordable Compliance:Tax Credit for Leading Industry Credenital

Affordable Compliance:TRACS

MAT Tenant Records
TRACS Basics
The TRACS System Overview and Basics

Affordable Compliance:Other

HCW Training with Certificate

Property Management Software:Yardi Voyager(R) 7s

Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
General Ledger
Monthly Posting
Move In
Notice and Move Out
System Administrator
Unit Transfer
Yardi Navigation
Yardi Voyager® 7S

Professional Development:Coaching

Beginning Your Coaching Engagement
Coaching to Drive Performance

Professional Development:Communication

Adapting Your Conflict Style
Become a Great Listener
Creating Well-Constructed Sentences
How Culture Impacts Communication
Keeping Business Calls Professional
Organizing Your E-mail
Sending E-mails to the Right People
Using Punctuation Marks
Using the Parts of Speech
Working Out and Through Conflict
Written Communication

Professional Development:Diversity on the Job

Bridging the Diversity Gap
Managing Diversity
Understanding Workplace Diversity

Professional Development:Emergency Service and Health

Active Shooter
Back Safety and Injury Prevention
Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness
Conducción defensiva
Conservación auditiva
Defensive Driving
Defensive Driving Fundamentals
Distracciones al conducir
Distracted Driving
Electrical Safety
Emergency Response in the Workplace
Emergency Situations While Driving
Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
Fire Safety and Prevention
First Aid: Basic
First Aid: CPR
First Aid: CPR (Compression-only)
First Aid: Medical Emergencies
Hand and Power Tool Safety
Hearing Conservation
Introduction to OSHA
Ladder Safety
Lead Awareness in General Industry
Mold Awareness
OSHA 300 Recordkeeping
PPE: Eye and Face Protection
PPE: Foot and Leg Protection
PPE: Hand Protection
PPE: Head Protection
PPE: Personal Protective Equipment
Pandemic Flu Awareness
Resbalones, tropezones y caídas
Respiratory Protection
Seguridad eléctrica
Seguridad y prevención de incendios
Slips, Trips, and Falls
Workplace Security Awareness

Professional Development:Ethics

Developing Your Business Ethics
Ethics, Integrity, and Trust
The Ethics Enigma

Professional Development:Leadership

Professional Development:Leading Teams

Developing a Successful Team
Handling Team Conflict
Inspiring Your Team
Leading a Cross-functional Team

Professional Development:Math

Professional Development:Office 2010

Professional Development:Personal Development

Decisions: Making the Right Move
Emotional Intelligence at Work
How High Is Your EQ?
Improving Your Memory Skills
Staying Balanced in a Shifting World
Uncovering the Root Problem
Understanding Unconscious Bias

Professional Development:Professionalism

Professional Development:Relationships

Building Rapport with Your Boss
Building Your Professional Network
Rebuilding Trust

Professional Development:Sales

Social Networking Fundamentals

Professional Development:Team Performance

Professional Development:Time Management

Inspection:UPCS and REAC

UPCS and REAC Inspections


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